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What's COB LED?

COB LED means that a COB light source is used in a LED lamp. COB stands for chip on board. COB light source is a high luminous efficiency integrated surface light source technology in which the LED chip is directly attached to a high reflectivity mirrored metal substrate. COB light source can be simply understood as a high power integrated surface light source, which can be designed according to the product shape structure of the lighting area and shape size.



The features of COB LED

  • Ultra thin and light: the thickness of the PCB board from 0.4-1.2mm, so that the weight is reduced to at least 1/3 of the original traditional products, can significantly reduce the structure, transportation and engineering costs for customers.
  • Anti-collision and anti-pressure: COB products are directly encapsulated in the concave light position of the PCB board, and then encapsulated with epoxy resin adhesive for curing, the surface of the light point is raised into a spherical surface, smooth and hard, resistant to collision and wear.

  • Wide beam: The package of COB uses a shallow well spherical luminous surface with a beam greater than 175 degrees, close to 180 degrees,  which has a more excellent optical diffuse colour turbidity effect.

  • Bendable: Bendability is the unique characteristic of COB, which protects from the damage of LED chip.
  • Fast thermal dissipation: COB LEDs are packaged in PCB board, through the PCB board copper foil quickly the heat of the wick out, and PCB board copper foil thickness are strict process requirements, coupled with the sinking gold process, almost will not cause serious light attenuation. That greatly extend the lifespan of lights.

  •  Abrasion resistant & Easy to clean: the surface of the lamp point raised into a spherical surface, smooth but hard, shock-resistant and abrasion-resistant;  With no cover on it, It's easy to clean.

  • All-weather reliable: outstanding resistant of water, corrosion, dust, static electricity, oxidation and UV; it still works properly minus 30 degrees to minus 80 degrees temperature 

Simply put. Compared to ordinary SMD small power, COB LED is a lighting source with brighter and higher quality beam while lower thermal resistance, faster heat dissipation, less light decay and longer life span. Now it widely applied to our camping lightings, including COB headlamp and COB flashlight. The advantage perfectly fits our mordern outdoor advantures like camping, running, hunting, which could be a lightweight backpack gear essetials.

COB flashlight with different lighting modes
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