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The Tips For Purchase of Camping Lights


A light source is always on Camping Checklist. You get various options like headlamp,flashlight, lantern or string light. It’s essential camp gear to bring. Having a trustworthy camping light, it helps for illumination while cooking, camp games, sense of ambiance to the campsite or other activities.We get various options on the camping lights,including USB rechargeable, AA/AAA dry output, solar-powered or traditional kerosene. Now we would like to share the electronic light one. Stronix meets all your needs for your electronic camping illumination. 

Lanterns: As an area light source, these are portable light sources that are designed to be hung or placed on a flat surface, such as a table or the ground. They typically produce a wide, diffuse light that is suitable for illuminating a large area, such as a campsite or a tent.

Portable USB lantern

Flashlights : These are handheld light sources that produce a focused beam of light. They are typically used for tasks such as navigating trails at night or searching for something in the dark.

Mini flashlight rechargeable

Headlamps: These are wearable light sources that are mounted on a headband or a hat. They are typically used for hands-free lighting, such as when hiking or setting up a campsite in the dark.


LED Headband, rechargeable
String lights:It's s an area light source, these are decorative lights that can be hung around a campsite or tent to provide ambient lighting. String lights are often powered by batteries or solar panels and can add a cozy, homey feel to a campsite.
Solar powered string light for camping

Before purchasing, the following factors you should care, it's important to consider the type of activity you will be doing and the lighting needs you have. Some lights may be better suited for certain activities or situations than others.


Size and Weight

Every one like a lighter pack. Small size and lightweight headlamp/lantern/mini flashlight will be the priority. It never take too much space and weight for packing.


  • Micro- Keychain size.

  • Tiny- Every day carry (2-4 inches).

  • Small - Every day carry (4-7 inches).

  • MEDIUM - Holster/belt ring carry. (>7 inches)


The range of camping lanterns is between 50 to 1000. You could get one based on your need.

Generally, 100 lumens or more is sufficient to illuminate many camp spaces. 50-75 lumens will be cool if you prefer a warmer or softer light. 50 lumens are good enough for use inside a tent.



It will be annoying if the light is power off during the camp meal or game. So you need to check the one with your ideal runtime.


Emitter/Light source: LEDs (if may have combo light sources)

  • COB
  • XPE
  • XPG


1)Handheld/EDC flashlight

Lantern/area light

Spotlight (it may have an external power source).





Mounted light (typically for a bicycle or vehicle or video fill light)


Single/double hook hang loop


Charging capabilities

Check if it charge by AA/AAA Dry Battery or Power bank. You could prepare your bring your extra batteries or power bank or other charging device like portable power station.



Water resistance is always the major factor. The weather might be changable during the camping night.  It may rain or snow. With the water resistance, it will be worry-free for all weather condition.


Additional features

The addidtioal features are versatile, such as extra dimmable light, mini pow bank, solar powered, humidifier, magnetic design,bottle opener, emergency hammer, wrench...Trying the best to meet the need for backpacking.

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