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Stronix Vintage USB Recharge Camping Lantern, L27

Stronix Vintage USB Recharge Camping Lantern, L27

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Stronix Portable COB Lanterns for Outdoors, Type-C Rechargeable, Camping Gear Essentials

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  • Rechargeable, Powered with integrated high capacity with a Type-C USB charge port
  • Easy to operate, adjustable brightness for precise lighting control
  • IPX4 Waterproof and shock resistance


    • Material: HIPS/Polystyrene/ABS/Iron handle
    • Weight: 220g

    • Run time: 3-8h
    • 2 Bright Mode: Rotate to adjust brightness
    • Charging: Type-C USB rechargeable

    • Battery: 1800mAh Li-ion battery

    • Color: Black

    • Dimensions: 245*115mm

    • Lamp Beads: LED lamp beads

    • Perfect for: RV camping, outdoor, power outage, fishing, hiking, night walks, backpacking, tent lighting, beach days, climbing, boating, kayaking


    waterproof lantern

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