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Stronix Portable LED Tent Light, TXZ803

Stronix Portable LED Tent Light, TXZ803

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Stronix Dimmable LED Camping Light, Camping Gear Essentials


  • Rechargeable, Powered with integrated high capacity with a Type-C USB charge port
  • Adjustable brightness 
  • Long Battery Life


    • Material: ABS
    • Weight: 120 g

    • 3 Lighting Modes: Strong/Medium/Low
    • Charging: Type-C USB rechargeable

    • Battery: Built-in 2000mAh Li-ion Battery

    • Color: Walnut Brown/Khaki/Grey

    • Dimensions: 106*265 mm

    • Perfect for: RV camping, outdoor, power outage, fishing, backpacking, tent lighting, beach days, boating, kayaking

    Rechargeable USB Latern
    A great sustainable tent light that is rechargeable via USB
    Best Budget Camping Essentials You Should HaveOutdoor Gear with Stronix Light
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